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25 years go by fast. Creating this site has permitted me to relive some of the roles I’ve played. I’ve been a marketing director and a creative director. I’ve been a freelance designer and an in-house designer. I’ve even made fish sticks, but that was a long time ago.

From all these experiences, from helping the smallest local business to the largest corporation, I’ve kept the same professional values: communication, dedication, and a natural affability. I used them working alone, and I used them leading large teams through both fun times and difficult times.

It’s time for my next role. I’m ready for a challenge, and I have a wealth of experience to draw upon to solve tough strategic problems or execute a tactical solution. I love to learn, and I love to talk about solutions.

When I’m not solving design problems or leading teams, I like to cook, garden and hike with my family. I tend to document all these adventures with photography. I’m also a fine artist, showing my multimedia collage work once or twice a year.