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Great Lakes Higher Education

Eight Years, Big Changes

My eight year tenure at Great Lakes was an amazing experience, in that I had the opportunity to help make some incredible changes in that time span. Upon my arrival, there was a bare-bones website. My first task was to build one myself with much more sophistication and room to grow. Through time I ended up with a design team of twelve people. I managed the E-commerce Design Team at Great Lakes for six years, and the website went through several incarnations during that time. This version of the site was the result of a re-branding effort in 2007. At the end of my tenure, the department included over 60 Java developers.

In my last two years, as Marketing Director, I also oversaw the creation of new printed collateral, advertising, and internal publications and managed communications with our customers though a time up upheaval in the industry.

I would have enjoyed many more years there, but we decided as a family to move back to the Northwest when my wife completed her medical residency.


My Role

Creative Director


Portal Design
Printed Collateral


2002 - 2010